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About Dual Disk Pneumatic Brakes

Dover pneumatic brakes are an integral part of a high-performance tension control unwind package. All pneumatic brakes feature a limited travel piston that never scratches the disk, ductile iron disk construction, and expanded disk surface for rapid heat dissipation.

Our asbestos-free friction pads are available in several coefficients of friction. No tools are required to change the friction pads, making brake maintenance quick and "hassle free".

DFE's dual disk brakes are covered by the industry's only 'No Squeal' warranty. If you've got a brake squeal issue, DFE will fix it fast, replace it, or we'll return your money. 


Pneumatic Brakes Capabilities

  • Heavy-duty brake for unwind applications
  • Wide torque range
  • Large heat dissipation capacity
  • Hassle-free friction pad removal and installation--no tools required
  • Available in six sizes.
  • Largest 5 sizes use patented Universal Actuators .
  • Limited travel piston prevents disks from scoring.
  • Cylinders can be actuated individually.
  • Return spring can not puncture diaphragm.
  • The actuator is interchangeable with brakes by DFE or Montalvo®.


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