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DFE Engineer DFE at CPP 2012, Booth 103
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At CPP-Cleveland Exhibition - booth 103

Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc (DFE) -leading manufacturer of web tension control equipment- is showcasing several new products at CPP-Cleveland April 18th and 19th in the I-X Center booth 103:

Applications Engineers will present an active demonstration of the communications options of the SteadyWeb5™ tension controller. The controller will take a tension input signal from a Narrow Web tension transducer on display.

The SteadyWeb5™ digital tension controller maintains set tension on a web in any zone to improve process consistency. The controller's new web-server option allows Ethernet communication for setup and control via connected PC or remotely from a wi-fi-enabled smart device. Download the press release (pdf).


The EasyView™ Tension Indicator is the space-saving, cost-saving new Tension Indicator that connects to a tension transducer or transducer pair and displays tension on a digital or analog display. It also puts out an isolated 0-to-10 Vdc web tension signal for use by a PLC, drive or other control electronics.

EasyView NW™ Narow Web Tension Transducer

The new NW™ Narrow Web Tension Transducer -a cantilevered narrow web tension-sensing idler roll with an optional built-in LED tension display and a 0-to-10VDC output. Narrow Web transducers and Tension Roll transducers are now available in at least three standard roll diameters and many lengths.

Download the press release (pdf).

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