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Dover Flexo Electronics Inc. (DFE) manufactures, sells and services a complete line of tension measurement, tension display and tension control products for a wide variety of industries worldwide.

Are you measuring process tension on web or flexible substrate?

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Our products are used in unwind, rewind, and intermediate applications for any moving continuous material which undergoes an operation such as printing, coating, laminating, treating, metallizing, rewinding, unwinding, slitting, coating or other processes. Tension measurement and control systems for flexible packaging and paper, film and foil converting are our specialty.

We have over 86,000 tension transducers (sometimes referred to as 'load cells') installed in manufacturing facilities everywhere.

In fact, Dover Flexo just sold our 11,000th Tension Roll transducer in 2018. DFE transducers are the industry standard for direct tension sensing and measurement. We are a recognized leader in tension technology.

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SteadyWeb6™ Digital Tension Controller

  • The easiest-to-use automatic tension controller anywhere
  • Large color graphic display
  • Intuitive navigation and menu system
  • Isolated outputs and circuit protection
  • Choice of output modes for specific tension zones
  • Soft-start, diameter compensation, and many more features

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