Data Sheet


60 Series Dual Disk Pneumatic Brake

The 60 Series Dual Disk Brake, named for its six-inch diameter disks, offers high performance in a torque range from 3 lb-inches up to 1,010 lb-inches.

This brake delivers the precise torque range needed for a particular application by allocating actuation of just the number of cylinders needed, from one up to six. The term 60 ‘Series’ is derived from ‘6’ inches plus our use of the second digit in the range of values from 61 to 66 to signify the number of friction pads selected for a given brake.

The 60 Series brake is the ideal low-cost pneumatic brake for low torque applications and for unwind stations on smaller presses and converting machinery.





  • Disk/Hub Inertia 2.54 Slug-in2
  • Max. Torque 1,010 in-lbs
  • Disk/Hub Weight 9.1 lbs.
  • Max. Ship Wt. 22.5 lbs.
  • Min. Shaft Length 4.6 in.

To see if a brake in the 60 Series is the right size for your application please note its torque range listed above and review the 60 Series Brake section of DFE’s full Brake Catalog for detailed sizing information, options and accessories.




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