Digital Tension Controllers

Set your desired tension and Dover Flexo Electronics digital tension controllers will maintain it. Easy-to-configure DFE controllers automatically compensate for variations in roll diameter, speed, and web material characteristics.

 Tension Controller Feature Comparison Chart







SteadyWebTM 5 Tension Controller

Introducing the SteadyWeb5 Digital Tension Controller.

It's the newer, faster, better digital version of the popular SteadyWeb™ automatic web tension controller. A full-featured closed-loop PID tension controller for use in any web zone, the SteadyWeb™5 helps production technicians get machine operators trained and up-to-speed on tension control in less time.


 The streamlined menu system, scroll knob and intuitive graphic user interface make setup a breeze on the large 4.3-inch color graphic display. New features like TuneView, three run-mode views – bar graph, analog, and histogram, built-in instructional illustrations, diameter calculation, and diagnostic tools can enhance the user’s understanding of the tension variables on a machine.  

Use in unwind, intermediate, or rewind tension zones. SteadyWeb controls clutches, brakes, and variable speed drives.




  EasyWebTM Torque Controller

 The EasyWeb™ is an open loop torque controller designed to maintain constant web tension or provide taper tension to center driven rewind or unwind applications.






WebHandlerTM Tension Controller


Low-cost, easy-to-use automatic tension controller. Provides the superior performance of the SteadyWeb controllers and the basic, required control features for most unwind and rewind applications


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