Data Sheet


FireGuardTM Intrinsically Safe Tension Amplifier

An intrinsically safe interface between transducers and a Dover controller, drive system or computer. The FireGuard is UL Listed for use when tension transducers and analog tension meter (optional) are located in hazardous Class I Division 1 or 2 area. Similar to the TrueTension Indicators in function, the FireGuard also reduces risk of fire or explosion. This explosion-proof tension amplifier is a critical component in assuring plant process safety.

The FireGuard Amplifier has been temporarily discontinued as DFE improves the design. The FireGuard 2, which replaces the FireGuard will be available to purchase by Fall of 2013. 

Tension Amplifier Capabilities

  • Use as an amplifier or control interface in potentially hazardous areas
  • Reduces risk of fire and explosion
  • Can be used with drive systems, computers or DFE controllers
  • UL Listed






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