EasyView™ Tension Indicators

The EasyView™ Tension Indicator is a small, general-purpose device for the measurement
and display of process web tension.
Using Quik-Cal™ digital technology, the unit is zeroed and calibrated simply using push buttons.

Models Ti25

In addition to amplifying the signal output from tension transducers installed in the web path and displaying actual tension on a 2.5 inch analog meter, the EasyView Tension Indicator powers the tension transducer (or transducer pair) and provides an additional isolated 0-to-10Vdc signal output proportional to tension for a drive, controller or PLC.

For mounting on a wall or machine frame, the EasyView Tension Indicator is available in a compact, steel, full enclosure (E). As an alternate configuration there is an open, flat Panel (P) version for mounting into a cutout on an OEM operator panel or cabinet.

Electrical connections are made at a closed terminal strip accessed via conduit through a 7/8 inch hole in the enclosure bottom.

Integrated electrical isolation, package options, ease-of-installation, ease-of-viewing, and low cost make the EasyView indicator a popular choice for web tension monitoring or control applications.

EasyView operates on 24Vdc, power supplied separately.


  • Small unit-measures just 3.5 inches x 4 inches x 3.5 inches
  • Uses Quick-Cal™ push-button Zero and Calibration. This eliminates potentiometer adjustments to make calibrating simple and fast.
  • Large 2.5 inch tension readout, analog or digital
  • Rugged Steel Enclosure
  • Mounts on a wall, machine frame or just about any tight space
  • 50:1 calibration range.
  • Powered by 24 VDC
  • I/O connections made via terminal strip
  • Integrated electrical isolation--0 to 10 Vdc isolated output proportional to tension.
  • Competitive price-best value for a low cost


  • EasyView improves machine operation and productivity by making it easier to run proper tension, gain a higher level of process control and reductions of waste, web breaks, and other web problems.
  • EasyView is a low-cost tension indicator for a transducer-based tension measurement or control system.Unparalleled Output Stability. Drift-free performance even over wide temperature swings for tension monitoring signal stability.
  • Safe and reliable performance. Integrated Isolation and Circuit stabilization–including built-in noise and surge protection, short-circuit protection, and active current-limiting on the transducer excitation signal.


  • Digital Meter (DM). 4-digit red LED display installed in place of standard analog front panel meter.
  • Non Standard Meter Scale (NMS). Select range at time of ordering.

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