LT - Low Tension Transducers

Strong, compact low transducers that convert filament or web tension into a D.C. voltage proportional to tension.

Tension Transducers Capabilities

  • Two mounting styles: threaded bolt or stackable
  • Special wheels are available
  • Loading ratings from 50g to 2000g (2 oz. to 4.4 lbs.)

Typically used in filament winding, fiber processing and materials' applications that require tension control at very low levels. Dual cantilevered beam for tensional stiffness, strength and accuracy. Measure low tension accurately in any moving ribbon or filament.


The Model "LT" Low Tension Transducer is an electromechanical sensor device that converts filament or web tension into a D.C. voltage proportional to tension. The voltage output can be amplified in external electronic circuitry and displayed as actual tension on an analog or digital meter. Filament tension can be displayed accurately in pounds, ounces, grams, kilograms, newtons or other units. Transducer output can also be fed to a DFE automatic tension controller to control tension.

The Low Tension Transducer has been designed to measure very low tensions accurately in filaments and very narrow webs (ribbon). It is typically used as part of a tension control and display system on any machine which is processing, winding, or unwinding filaments, or very narrow webs. The LT Transducer is available in either a stackable housing configuration or with threaded housing (M36 x 4) and two locking nuts. The threaded housing installs easily into a hole on your machine frame. Its locking nut system allows force direction to be changed by simply loosening the nuts and adjusting the transducer to a desired position.

The standard Low Tension Transducer wheels are lightweight, hard-coat, anodized aluminum. They are durable, and have low inertia. The bearings are instrument grade ball type with shields to prevent entry of contaminants. Custom wheel geometries and/or finishes are available and the transducer may even be purchased without the wheel, so the user can provide their own wheel.


  • Six load ratings, from 50 grams to 2000 grams.
  • Aluminum construction.
  • Choice of filament wheel, ribbon wheel, or stationary pin.
  • Two mounting styles, stackable or through-hole.
  • High output provides resistance to electrical noise.
  • Strong construction.
  • Use with any DFE tension indicator or controller.


  • Helps reduce waste and improve quality and productivity.
  • Compact size allows transducer to fit into small spaces. Low cost.
  • Ultra-low break-away torque (1.5 g-cm or 0.02 ozinches) means no sliding or scratching of filament on wheel.
  • Stackable. Several transducers fit into a small space.
  • Two mounting styles to fit any application.
  • Measures very low tension accurately.

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*CE-marked DFE Transducers are certified to conform with CE Requirements when used as accessories intended for use with CE-marked DFE electronics products (amplifiers, indicators).