Pre-1990's Model D Tension Transducers Still in Service

"This transducer is as old as I am", said 30-year old repair technician, Ben Harvey, as he disassembled a malfunctioning model DS flange-mount tension transducer on his workbench. The unit, produced in 1988, was not holding a fixed tension. This model had been obsolete for almost 25 years. It was one of a pair returned from a converting customer in Green Bay, WI.


The customer needed a fast turnaround for their DS 3.22 transducer repair so they could get their machine running again. Quick turnarounds for repairs, and for standard product deliveries, are a point of pride for Dover Flexo Electronics and our manufacturing team. But when our Customer Service team received the returned transducers for evaluation and repair, they were initially concerned that the factory might not have the necessary parts in stock. After all, the units were thirty(30) years old and had been in operation on a single machine for the past twenty years. The model D transducer hasn't been manufactured for sale since the early 1990's.


DFE's quality and repair technicians tested both transducers, but only one showed a failure. This is often the case. Then, when our service tech disassembled the malfunctioning unit, he found it needed a single part, luckily. Most manufacturing companies do not stock parts for ten, twenty-or in this case twenty-five-years to make repairs on obsolete products. That includes DFE. Fortunately, the team was resourceful in locating the right replacement part in a random spare parts lot, along with two clean housings for the pair of transducers. The DS 3.22 transducers were re-assembled, cleaned up, tested and shipped within two (2) days of entering DFE for evaluation and repair.


modds3.22xducers_repaired.jpgThere aren't many industrial components that run for thirty years without fail. And while Dover Flexo Electronics does not stock spare parts for all outdated products, our customer support and production teams are dedicated to resolving customers' product issues as quickly as possible. Quality, reliability and quick response are what make DFE the industry leader in tension control.


These model DS transducers are back on the converting machinery they belong on, and ready for more hard years of service.




Model D Tension Transducers are replaced by Model C Transducers


Model C Tension Transducers

Data Sheet

How to Specify Your Transducer Connector Position and Force Direction. 

The model D tension transducer is now obsolete. This single-beam tension measurement device was last produced in the 1980's and early 1990's. Dover Flexo Electronics can repair these units on occasion, depending on the parts available. 

The model D tension transducer was replaced by the model C tension transducer which is still the industry standard in dual-beam, strain-gauge based web tension transducers (sometimes called 'load cells'). Available in three frame sizes and both live-shaft and dead-shaft versions. Dead-shaft Model C Transducers are sealed to protect the inside from dust and water. Recessed seals are protected from damage.  Choose from five available mounting styles: "S" (screw mount), "FL" (flange mount), "PB" (pillow block mount), "PFL" (piloted flange mount), "TF" (through-frame mount). These rugged, time-proven transducers have many other features. Download the Model C Tension Transducer Data Sheet for complete details.

Here is the story of a recent repair that one of our expert transducer technicians was able to perform in order to restore life into a non-functioning pair of model D tension transducers.



Model C* Tension Transducers Capabilities

  • Dual cantilevered beam for high accuracy
  • Load ratings from 10 - 800 lbs (45 - 3560N)
  • High Overload capacity to 2,500 lbs (11,125N)
  • Available with extended range output (XR) for measuring lower minimum tensions
  • When utilized with the iAmp inline amplifier, a 0-10Vdc output is available
  • DFE controllers and indicators are available with a Dual Calibration feature for accepting calibration parameters from two sets of tension transducers, allowing users a wider range of tension measurement.


* The 'C' in model C stands for convertible. When DFE builds one of these transducers, it can be finalized as a dead-shaft style transducer, with a non-rotatable coupling, or as a live-shaft style transducer, with a rotatable shaft coupling. 


sizes: c0d, c0l, c1d, c1l, c2d, c2l

obsolete product codes: sc0d, sc0l, sc1d, sc1l, sc2d, sc2l, flc0d, flc0l, flc1d, flc1l, flc2d, flc2l, pbc0d, pbc0l, pbc1d, pbc1l, pbc2d, pbc2l

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