Data Sheet


MAC MultiAmplifier Card

The MAC is an eight-channel amplifier - interface consisting of eight independent tension amplifiers on a single circuit card.

The MAC provides excitation voltage to connected tension transducer pairs, and puts out a 0-to-10Vdc signal proportional to tension for each pair of transducer signal inputs. The 0-to-10V outputs can be used as inputs to drives, PLC's or other tension monitoring or closed-loop tension control devices. Damped 0 - 1mA outputs are also available to drive tension meters. The 5.5" x 7" MAC Card installs flat in the machine's control panel. All external connections are by terminal strips.

Designed initially for the printing industry, the MAC MultiAmplifier card helps reduce and eliminate the incidence of web breaks on running presses. The MAC also performs well in any application where process web tension needs to be monitored from multiple locations. The TLS (tension limit switch) option allows high and low alarm trip points to be set that warn the press operator if running tension in a particular zone moves outside set operating limits.

The advantages of the MAC MultiAmplifier Card when compared to single channel amplifier/ interface cards are: 1) the ability to read out tension from sensor points along an entire production line from one location, either remotely or at the machine; and, 2) the lower cost of installation versus a single, dedicated tension interface/amplifier for each sensor point.






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