Data Sheet


Roll Shell Tension Transducers

NOTE: The Roll Shell Transducer has been discontinued as of July 21st, 2014. Units requiring repair may still be sent into Dover Flexo Electronics for repair evaluation.

DFE recommends using the Tension Roll transducer as an alternative to the Roll Shell transducer going forward. 


The Roll Shell transducer (Model RS) is based on the Model C transducer. These transducers, used in pairs, quickly convert a simple metal tube into a tension-sensing idler roll. One Roll Shell Transducer locks into each end of an aluminum or steel cylindrical tube to make an easy-to-install tension-sensing roll. Special expanding-collet coupling design allows easy insertion of transducer into the roll shell. Once tightened, the collet fastens the transducer firmly into the tube. Load ratings from 10 - 800 lbs. (44N - 3559N). Download the Roll Shell Tension Transducer Data Sheet for complete details.

Roll Shell Transducers Capabilities

  • Simple to install--Unit clamps into tube
  • No shaft needed
  • Accommodates axial thermal expansion up to 1/4" (0.64cm) in hot environments
  • Two frame sizes




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