Newly patented Silencer™ Pads
  are 100% successful at eliminating brake squeal


     Silencer™ Pad Replacement Instructions

Brakes that Don't Squeal

Since 2011 Dover Flexo Electronics has delivered the solution to problem brake squeal. Part of the solution is to ensure that brakes are properly installed and aligned for the web application and machine running conditions. Then, if improper installation doesn't seem to be the root cause of a machine's brake squeal issue, we introduce DFE's patented Silencer™friction pads.These pads have proven to be 100% effective at eliminating problem brake noise.

While most DFE brakes never present a squeal problem, there are instances where the squealing sound may be difficult to eliminate, and that is when we introduce the Silencer pads. A single pair of Silencer friction pads from DFE will kill any annoying screeching or squealing from your unwind brakes.

In this quick 2-minute video, Glyn Green demonstrates how simply and quickly the Silencer technology works.

Do you have a Dover Flexo Electronics dual disk pneumatic brake that squeals?

Call or email us for a free brake evaluation by our tech support experts. If your brake is installed properly you'll get a free pair of silencer pads.

At Dover Flexo Electronics your brakes are protected by the tension-free NO-SQUEAL WARRANTY.

Call 603-332-6150 and ask for Glenn St Peter, DFE's Sales Manager. Or email us at

Also, if you make a video showing the difference in brake noise before and after you've installed the silencer pads, we will post your video here and on YouTube, and we'll send you a nice button-down DFE shirt like the one Glyn is wearing in this video. Just let us know when you've got your video clip ready. Our marketing department will take care of you. 

·        Silencer™ Pads (a single pair) will eliminate brake squeal

The NO-SQUEAL WARRANTY and SILENCER brake pads ensure that converters are no longer forced to endure screeching brakes. Also, DFE's ultra-low-maintenance Universal style dual-cylinder actuators fit interchangeably with brakes of some other manufacturers.

Also check out the behind-the-scenes story of DFE's journey to find the SOLUTION that would end brake squeal for good. 




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