Data Sheet


SteadyWebTM Automatic Tension Controller

The most versatile, easy-to-use automatic tension controller available. Use in unwind, intermediate, or rewind tension zones. SteadyWeb controls clutches, brakes, and variable speed drives. All operator adjustments are on one board to simplify set-up. Optional functions include taper tension, dual transducer input, DC and pulse tachometer inputs, and more. System status lights allow the operator to see the operating mode at a glance.

Tension Controller Capabilities

  • Quick installation and setup
  • Electric and pneumatic outputs
  • Rugged steel, custom 2-piece enclosure provides full access to all interior circuit cards and components
  • Wide tension range without recalibration
  • Plug-in option cards
  • Many options available

Available Outputs

D - 0-10 VDC compensated output for use with adjustable speed DC and AC drives. The output is electrically isolated for compatibility and reliability. Used in all tension zones; unwind, rewind and intermediate.

V - 0-90 VDC output. For use in all types of electrical brakes and clutches, including eddy current clutches. Also available with 24 and 45 VDC output. Commonly used in the unwind or rewind zones.

P - 0-75 psi output for use with pneumatic clutches and brakes. Most commonly used in the unwind and rewind zones. System includes internal air filter and regulator (80-120 psi input pressure).



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