Refrubish your Tension Roll® Transducer

And save half the cost* of a new one.

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We can extend the life of your Tension Roll transducer for many years. Below you can see the before and after shots of the recent refurbish of a TR transducer with a 6-inch diameter hardcoated roll. This transducer roll runs daily in a corrosive manufacturing environment:

before and after hardcoat of TR ends
Before and after hardcoat of banda
Final TR tension roller with hardcoat
  • Save almost 50% of the cost of a new roll.
  • Fast turnaround. Typically less than a week.
  • Get rid of gouges, dings and nicks.
  • Refurbed roll looks and works like new with minimal downtime.

Many web printers, converters and web process manufacturers today face tough economic fix-or-replace choices daily. Equipment budgets for high-wear items are strapped, and we're all looking for ways to save a few bucks.

Fortunately, as a small American manufacturer, DFE understands your plight. We've made it part of our business to help you get the repair, rework or remanufactured upgrade you need while saving you money and improving your web process.

One of our programs to help reduce your new equipment costs is the Tension Roll transducer refinishing/refurbishing service.

If you are working with an older, used and slightly abused Tension Roll transducer installed on your press or web machinery, DFE offers an alternative to its full-price replacement at a great discount.

The price of refurbishing an existing Tension Roll transducer is about 50% of the price of a new unit with the same specification. Just uninstall your existing TR transducer roll and ship it to us, and we'll quote you the refurbishing cost, then turn around your like-new roll without delay.

Check out this recent refurbishing job DFE completed for one of our long-time converting customers:

Before image of used TR Tension Roller
After image of refurbished TR Tension Roller

You can see on the far right of each photo collage the fact that our refurbished Tension Roll transducers are indistinguishable from a brand new transducer roll. This refinished roll is ready for another 20 years of trouble-free service.

DFE machine shop refurbishing a TR roller

Because we use our own machine shop and stock rolls and parts right at our manufacturing facility, DFE can typically turn a refinishing or refurbishing job around in just a few days. This translates into minimal down time for your process. DFE warranties its refurbished Tension Roll transducers to look and perform like new units.

If you're interested in taking advantage of this money-saving refurbishing service, please contact us by phone at (603) 332-6150, or email a request to and we'll issue you a Materials Return Authorization (MRA) number for the roll you want refubished. When you ship your roll to DFE, our Repair Service experts will promptly reply with an estimate.

*May be more if a new roll or roll covering is needed.

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