Load Cells, Tension Transducers, & Web Tension Measurement

Dover Flexo Electronics tension transducers (also known as load cells) measure actual web tension in almost any moving web or filament. Transducers output an accurate, reliable signal to an indicator or controller and are perfect for web tension measurement and other tension measurement.




Model C Tension Transducer


The industry standard tension transducers (sometimes called 'load cells'). These units, which contain high-accuracy semi-conductor strain-gauge sensors, are installed in pairs on idler roller shaft ends. Each roll-shaft transducer assembly can be mounted in a preferred web path location on your dual-frame web machine. Five standard mounting styles available for every machine configuration.  




NW Narrow Web Tension Transducer


The Narrow Web tension transducer, now available in 3 standard roll diameters, combines a bearing-mounted idler roll and two tension sensing elements in one package. The most convenient direct tension-sensing devices you'll find anywhere for tension measurement and control on presses and machines with cantilevered narrow web rolls. Perfect for tag and label machinery.



Tension Roll® Transducer and STR Segmented Tension Roll transducer


Tension Roll® transducers and dead-shaft idler roll are combined in one integral unit.




Ribbon Filament Transducer


The RFA Ribbon Filament Transducers are designed to measure tension in any moving ribbon, filament, or very narrow web.


VNW Very Narrow Web Transducer


The VNW (Very Narrow Web) transducer is a compact tension sensing device for measuring process tension in narrow web (up to six inches wide), ribbon or filament. The VNW transducer combines the robust and versatile design of DFE's time-proven Model C shaft-end transducers with a choice of mounting styles and wheel options from the RFA -style cantilevered transducers


LT - Low Tension Transducer


Strong, compact low tension transducers that convert filament or web tension into a D.C. voltage proportional to tension. Typically used in filament winding, fiber processing and materials' applications that require tension control at very low levels.


Model F Heavy Duty Transducer


For those measurement applications with a high load (heavy tension) on the substrate and idler rolls in the web path, the Model FH or FV are the tension sensing tools to use. The F transducer is DFE's current generation tension sensors, used in pairs, for mounting 'under pillow-block' on machines with the idler roll shaft ends mounted in pillow-block bearings. The model F transducer has taken the place of DFE's previous line of UPB-style 'Under Pillow-Block' transducers.   


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