WebHandlerTM Tension Controller




Data Sheet



Low-cost, automatic tension controller. Provides the superior performance of the SteadyWeb controllers and the basic, required control features for most unwind and rewind applications. No frills package includes analog tension meter and user's choice of outputs: 0-™75 psi pneumatic, 0-90 VDC, 45 VDC, or 24 VDC.

Tension Controller Capabilities

  • Low-cost, automatic tension controller
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Use on unwind or rewind tension zones
  • Controls electric or pneumatic clutches and brakes

Available Outputs

D - 0-10 VDC compensated output for use with adjustable speed DC and AC drives. The output is electrically isolated for compatibility and reliability. Used in all tension zones; unwind, rewind and intermediate.

V - 0-90 VDC output. For use in all types of electrical brakes and clutches, including eddy current clutches. Also available with 24 and 45 VDC output. Commonly used in the unwind or rewind zones.

P - 0-75 psi output for use with pneumatic clutches and brakes. Most commonly used in the unwind and rewind zones. System includes internal air filter and regulator (80-120 psi input pressure).



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