WebHandler 3 Tension Controller - Panel Mount



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WebHandlerTM 3 Digital Tension Controller
Panel Mount option

The compact WebHandler™ 3 Tension Controller combines automated closed-loop process tension control with an easy-to-use keypad interface. The WebHandler™ 3 maintains a pre-selected tension set point on a web machine or press by measuring web tension from a tension transducer, then sending a compensating signal to a tensioning device such as a pneumatic brake, clutch or a DC drive. This closed-loop capability improves process consistency and productivity.

Features include touch-pad setup and calibration, job setup storage and recall, and LCD scroll-through of an array of simple-to-activate functions including push-button rezero. The controller features soft start and bumpless auto/manual switching. It also automatically compensates for speed changes, roll diameter changes and other factors to maintain desired tension. Ten different measurement units are available for expressing a tension reading on the digital display.

Now available as a Panel Mounting device. This version of the WebHandler3 installs quickly and easily onto OEM machinery or as a retrofit on an existing machine. The unit mounts into a small rectangular cutout on a web machine frame or control station and is secured by bolts at the front panel corners.


Available Outputs

Version P, Pneumatic output: Actuates any air operated brake or clutch. The standard version includes a servo valve and pressure regulator installed in an open back enclosure.

Version D, 0-10Volt DC compensated output module: Controls DC drives or other variable speed drive systems. This output is isolated from earth ground to make it more compatible with all drives.


WebHandler 3 - Standard Full Enclosure Version



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