Low Manual Tension

When operating my SteadyWeb 12P in Manual mode I can dial in a tension of 145 pounds. When switching to Auto mode and turning the tension knob fully clockwise I can only get up to 100 pounds. What's wrong?

This problem is usually the result of the automatic tension setting being limited by an internal setting, and thus not allowed to output it’s full signal. One likely cause is the tension trim potentiometer being set at less than 100%. On the SteadyWeb Control Board check that the Tension Trim Pot (RT105) is turned fully clockwise. If so, check the + LIMIT pot (RT106). It should be turned fully clockwise as well.

As an additional check, connect a volt meter between points 13(+) and 15(-) on terminal block TB203 of the SteadyWeb Power Board. At full output both Auto and Manual modes should be at 10 VDC.

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