Where on my machine would I use Dover's tension controls?

Dover's tension control products are designed to be integrated smoothly into your machine's structure wherever your application demands them--the unwind zone, rewind zone, intermediate zone, or any combination of these. Reliable, easy-to-install components that are also simple to use are the hallmark of a complete DFE tension control system.


Dover's application specialists will help custom-tailor a tension control package to suit your exact needs. Working together, tension transducers, controllers, indicators, brakes, clutches and drives result in a level of process control previously unattainable. With an automated control system you will no longer need to monitor continually and re-adjust tension throughout your operation. Dover controls do it all for you. This saves you manpower, cuts downtime, and improves the consistency and quality of your finished product.

The Product Section of our web site highlights major features and benefits of each of our standard products. Please inquire if there does not appear to be a product to fit your application. DFE delivers tension solutions for almost any continuous process machine.
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