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Your basic application data

Our expert applications engineers are standing by to assist you with your tension equipment selection and  specifying of sizing and options. Aside from the basic application information that you can complete and submit directly from the Basic Application Information form, we encourage you to let our sales and application engineers do the work for you. You can reach them at the factory in Rochester, NH by phone at +(603) 332-6150 or by email at

The more you can tell us about your web process and your machine configuration the better, but we need most of this Basic Application Information to get started.

If you would prefer to start from scratch, because you're not sure where your application would use tension control equipment, you can just submit this simple form for a free application analysis from a qualified DFE Sales Representative. We discuss your application in detail with you to determine what tension control solution, if any, might be appropriate for your budget. 


Would you like to compare features of our standard tension amplifier and indicator products ?

Would you like to compare features of DFE's tension controller products ?


Product Specification Worksheets

These Product Specification worksheets are some of the tools that our sales team uses to generate an accurately configured product and a price quotation. They are somewhat complicated. We recognize that, and we welcome your input for improving them. We are sharing them here as a configurator reference for you.

If you decide to use one or more of these worksheets for DFE product selection, please do not hesitate to contact your local DFE Sales representative or one of our factory-certified inhouse Application Engineers to help answer your questions about the form. We also recommend that you have the DFE data sheets handy for the products you may be interested in configuring. 

For Transducer models C, NW, VNW, RFA or LT (not models TR and F), go to Transducer Specification.

Or download and complete this pdf document Tension Control Equipment Specification Form (pdf) 

For Transducer Model TR Tension Roll® go to Tension Roll Transducer Specification, or dowload the TR Transducer Specification Sheet (pdf). 

For Transducer Model F, use the Model F Transducer Specification Sheet (pdf).

For Controllers, go to Controller Specification.

For Indicators, go to Indicator Specification.

For Brakes, download  Brake Sizing & Selection Worksheet (pdf)

Calculators for Tension Transducer Sizing

For experienced users of DFE tension transducers, here is a downloadable calculator (xls spreadsheet) that you can use to determine your tension transducer load rating and required size. See the data sheet for your specific transducer type to define your product code for ordering.

Transducer Sizing Calculator


Do you know the typical tensions chosen to run your substrate material at?

Running Tensions of Web Materials








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