Technical Bulletins

A DFE Technical Bulletin is a document that describes an aspect of tension measurement or control, or a product feature or characteristic in more depth than you might find in a data sheet, application note or customer success story. We update this section regularly, so please check back or ask us if you’re looking for a topic that we should address.


Tension 101: Closed-Loop PID Tension Control icon_pdf_format.gif
A Brief Overview of Tension Transducers and Automatic Tension Control


Quik-CalTM Push-Button Zero and Calibration Set icon_pdf_format.gif
Explains Quik-CalTM feature on the TI17C and TI18C Amplifiers


True TensionTM TI17C and TI18C icon_pdf_format.gif
Comparing Output Voltage at Ambient and Cycled Temperatures


Better Web Process Control Through Tension Sensing icon_pdf_format.gif


Tension Transducer Strain Gages: Which Technology is Better? icon_pdf_format.gif


3 Approaches to Web Tension Measurement icon_pdf_format.gif


Tension Control By Zone icon_pdf_format.gif




icon_pdf_format.gif = portable document format (pdf)


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