When listing the advantages of tension measurement and display, our customers say it best: 

"Setting up the SteadyWeb 5 was simple. I am very impressed with the setup of the menus and how easy it is to navigate through each stage of the setup.
I'm now ready to tune the PID loop and the fact that I can adjust each segment while watching the graph is brilliant!
I can tell this was designed by people who have been out in the field doing  startups.
I've been designing and commissioning tension control systems since 1985 and this is how I would design a tension controller."

--Mike Mills
   Plant Engineer
   McMurray Fabrics


 "We often made minor changes in areas where we expected no effect - and saw big changes in web tension. DFE's equipment has changed the way we view running press tension. Where previously we believed in 'tighten here and loosen there', we now try for an even balance, with similar tension in each web. We have been able to reduce tension overall and have found that paying attention to web tension and tension balance reduces unexplained running breaks.

Our pressmen had a strong belief in their ability to measure web tension by 'feel'. They can't. Our people were pleased and impressed when we provided an easy and accurate way to measure tension."

--Barry Villiers
   Production Control Systems Analyst
   Toronto Star Newspapers Limited


"The tension indication is three tools in one. It's a training tool for the operators. They can see how various adjustments they make in the press affect web tension. It's a production tool for making changes during press runs to reduce total web tension. And it's a maintenance tool because it points out wear-items on the press that may need to be changed for us to achieve target tension."

--Darin LeFave
   Production Manager
   Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal


"Quick response was the key. Received delivery ahead of schedule. Thank you!"

--David Stockham
   Georgia Pacific - Epic


"Our press was up and running fast, which made the big bosses happy -- Very Good -- Thank you!"

--Robert Wittmayer
   Maintenance Engineer
   Quebecor World


"I'm glad Dover Flexo is there to take care of our tension control requirements. Dover delivers dependable, easy-to-use web tension control equipment wherever and whenever we need it. No hassles. Just reliable performance and dependable service. One less thing to worry about."

--Kevin Dick (R.I.P.)
   Maintenance Coach  
   St. Gobain


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