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THANK YOU for helping us by letting us know how we're doing. Simply click the appropriate circle beside each question. Your participation in this survey will be rewarded with a small gift, if you provide your contact information in the spaces provided. We guarantee the privacy of your personal data and promise not to abuse the trust you've placed in us.

Rest assured, we actually dissect the information we collect in team meetings and discuss what actions we can take to improve your satisfaction level in each area. As an ISO 9001 certified company, part of our mission is to listen to and demonstrate that we've acted on your feedback. Please come back as often as you like to tell us how we're doing.

If there is any area where you are dissatisfied, or if you wish to offer specific suggestions for improvement, we would love to hear your candid thoughts. Your comments will go straight to DFE's President, Ken Ekola.

Disclaimer: This survey is meant for buyers, installers, and users of DFE equipment only. Please note that due to the high incidence of non-customers completing the survey in the hopes of receiving the associated gift, we intensively screen the survey data for validity. Please complete the survey only if you have experience with DFE products.

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