Tension Transducer Specification Worksheet

     Please help us help you to select the correct transducer for your application by providing some basic information. Complete as much of the application data requested as possible, then print this page and fax it to us.  Use the separate Model F or TR Tension Roll Transducer worksheets for sizing F type or Tension Roll® transducers.


     The load rating of your desired tension transducers needs to be determined prior to size selection. Load rating is calculated using physical properties like the weight of the idler roll, the wrap angle on the roll, your expected web tension, and the direction of force due to web tension. The drawings below illustrate an axial (side) view of a tension-sensing roll in a machine frame for the three general web wrap orientations (Up, Down, Sideways).  Record the information requested in the terms B through E below.  Then use the formula below the drawing closest to your orientation to calculate your load rating, or call DFE and we calculate it for you.


     Cross out the wrap examples that do not apply.



    Note: The resultant force FT points in the same direction as the arrow on the transducer.


    Record your information below.

B = Wrap Angle: _____ Degrees  (Note: The wrap angle (B) may be calculated by subtracting your measured angle (C) from 180°.  B = 180 - C)

W = Weight of Idler Roll: _____ Pounds 

FT = force on idler roll due to web tension.  FT is in the same direction as the arrow on the transducer: _____ Degrees  

A = Angle between FT and vertical axis: _____ Degrees


Total estimated operating tension:  Max. _____ Pounds,  Min. _____ Pounds

Type of Web Material:  _______________________________ 

Web Width: Max. _____ Inches,  Min. _____ Inches

Basis Weight or Thickness: _____ Pounds

Web Speed: Max.  _____ Feet Per Minute,  Min _____ Feet Per Minute


Type:  Model C _____ RS _____ RFA _____ LT _____ NW _____ (Specify roll width)

Bore Size(2): ______ inches

Mounting Style: S (bolt)_____  FL (flange)_____  PB (pillow block)_____ TF* (thru-frame)_____ 

  PFL* (piloted thru-frame)_____               *model C only

Load Rating* ___________ pounds (DFE will calculate if you wish)

   * multiply formula results by 2 for RFA and LT transducers (arrow on transducer points to 6 o'clock)

Connector Position(3): 3 ____   6 ____   9 ____   12 ____ o'clock


  1. Refer to Model F or TR data sheet or specification for sizing. 
  2. Standard Model C bore sizes are Size 0:7/8 in., Size 1: 7/8 in., Size 2: 1 1/4 in.
  3. 6 o'clock position is standard on Styles S and FL. Rear is standard on PB. No optional positions on TF.

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